Seiland/Sievju National Park Board is the administrative authority for the national park. The board comprises five politicians appointed by the Norwegian Environment Agency, on the recommendation of Hammerfest municipality, Alta municipality, Troms and Finnmark county authority and the Sámi Parliament of Norway.

Visit with Seiland National Park Board. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Visit with Seiland National Park Board. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Befaring med Seiland nasjonalparkstyre. Foto: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Cleaning up rubbish in Bårdfjorden. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Community meeting in Hønseby. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Søppelaksjon i Bårdfjorden. Foto: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

The National Park Board manages the national park in a consistent manner, preserving natural and cultural assets in the park while ensuring that the area can be used for simple leisure activities and reindeer husbandry. The board is responsible for producing overarching plans for the park and maintaining regular contact with its users. The board’s authority derives from the Conservation Regulations and the Norwegian Nature Diversity Act, and the National Park Board issues permits for motor traffic, use of drones, construction activities or other licensable activities in the park.

The national park manager is the CEO and Secretariat for the National Park Board, and has an office in Alta.

Please visit for more information on the work of the National Park Board (Norwegian only). 

The Norwegian Nature Inspectorate

The Alta office of the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO) is responsible for the Nature Inspectorate in Seiland National Park. SNO monitors that the users of the national park comply with laws and regulations, and also implements measures in the park on behalf of the National Park Board.

Setting up a trekking post box. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

The Polarjo patrol boat. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Oppsett av turpostkasse. Foto: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

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