About the national park

Precipitous mountainsides plunging into the sea, secluded flower meadows, and Europe’s most northerly glaciers glimmering above the island are just some of the things waiting for you in Seiland. Welcome to a quite unique part of the Finnmark coast.

Gone fishing! Photo: Marit Helene Eira

Meadow of Siberian chives. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Hiking to Nordmannsjøkelen. Photo: Randulf Valle

Bilde 1: Telt ved Nordmannsjøkelen. Foto: Randulf Valle Bilde 2: Eng av sibirgressløk. Foto: Ingunn Ims Vistnes. Bilde 3: Fiskelykke! Foto: Marit Helene Eira

Straumdalen. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Playing on the shore. Photo: Mimmi Bæivi

Bilde 1: Straumdalen. Foto: Ingunn Ims Vistnes. Bilde 2: Lek i fjæra. Foto: Mimmi Bæivi

Experience Seiland

Seiland is renowned as Norway’s most remote national park. But with a little planning, it’s easy to visit, whether for the day or for a longer period.

Fauna and flora

What takes your eye? The white-tailed eagles soaring in the sky, or the meadows of globe flowers? Natural treasures abound on Seiland.

Globe flowers at Søndre Bumannsfjord. Photo: County Governor of Finnmark

White-tailed eagle. Photo: Karl-Otto Jacobsen

Hare. Photo: Karl-Otto Jacobsen

Bildetekst, la stå

Flaskefjorden and Flasketind. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Stones on the shore. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Bilde 1: Flaskefjorden og Flasketind. Foto: Ingunn Ims Vistnes. Bilde 2: Stein i fjæra. Foto: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Landscape and geology

On Seiland you will find untouched watercourses, glaciers and fjords, and an alpine landscape that is still moving.

Reindeer husbandry

Reindeer husbandry is practised on Seiland, and the island is a calving area and summer grazing pasture for reindeer.

Female reindeer with calves. Photo: Marit Helene Eira

Female reindeer with calves. Photo: Marit Helene Eira

Per Mathis Pedersen and his wife Martha in Survika. Reproduced with permission from André Larssen’s picture archive.

Recording the remains of a turf hut in Kufjordbotn. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Bildetekst, la stå

History – those who came before us

Although Seiland might appear to be a wilderness, people have lived here since the Stone Age.

Management and administration

Seiland/Sievju National Park Board is the administrative authority for the park.

Board visit by Kufjorden. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Border sign. Photo: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

Styrebefaring opp fra Kufjorden. Foto: Ingunn Ims Vistnes

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